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Why Fight Your Traffic Ticket?

Why pay a fine when you did nothing wrong?

If you are convicted of some traffic tickets they alone will raise your auto insurance rates.

For example if you are found guilty of Speeding/Passing in a Playground or School Zone, your auto insurance rates can increase by 15-25%.*

If you are found guilty of Careless Driving, Fail to at an Accident, Speeding (in excess of 50 kilometres), Fail to Stop for Peace Officer, Fail to Stop for School Bus, Racing, and Driving while Unauthorized/Under Suspension, your auto insurance rates can increase by 50-300%* for the next 3 to 5 years or your insurance company may decide not to renew your policy by considering you a high risk driver, and place you into facility insurance resulting in extremely high rates.

Some insurance companies will raise your auto insurance rates if you are convicted of 3 or more traffic tickets within 3 years.
*NOTE: these surcharges are based upon current insurance industry standards and are subject to change

Most traffic tickets for moving violations result in demerit points if you are found guilty (See our Demerit Point Section below for list of demerit points).

A motorist starts off with a clean driving record that means there are 0 demerit points. When you are found guilty of traffic tickets for moving violations you accumulate demerit points.

In Alberta a motorist who has a regular driver’s licence is allowed up to 14 demerit points. When 15 demerit points are reached, the driver’s licence is suspended.

In Alberta, a motorist with a Graduated Driver’s licence is allowed up to 7 demerit points. When 8 demerit points are reached the GDL is suspended.

If you are found guilty of speeding (in excess of 50 kilometres), the Judge/Commissioner can suspend your driver’s licence and impose a substantial fine.

Some employers require a clean driving record and some employers place restrictions on the number of demerit points or number of convictions an employee/contracted worker can have on their driver’s licence before terminating their employment.

Are you a professional driver (trucker, cab driver, bus driver, school bus driver, seasonal driver) whose livelihood depends on your driving record?

In most cases, we can avoid or reduce the fines.


7 Demerit Points
- Fail to Remain at Scene of Accident

6 Demerit Points
- Careless Driving
- Racing
- Exceeding the speed limit by more than 50 km/h
- Fail to Stop for School Bus

5 Demerit Points
- Fail to stop at railway crossing
- Fail to stop for vehicle carrying explosives, gas or flammable liquids
- Fail to stop for peace officer

4 Demerit Points
- Follow too closely
- Pass vehicle stopped at crosswalk
- Speeding (31 to 50 kilometres over)
- Drive at unreasonable rate of speed

3 Demerit Points
- Drive on wrong side of road
- Drive wrong way on the one-way highway
- Fail to report accident
- Fail to yield right-of-way to vehicle or pedestrian
- Fail to stop as directed by traffic control device or as otherwise required
- Improper passing
- Impeding passing vehicle
- Stunting
- Speeding (16 to 30 kilometres over)

2 Demerit Points
- Fail to obey instructions of traffic control device
- Fail to signal
- Improper turns
- Fail to back in safety
- Unsafe lane change
- Learner Fail to comply with restrictions
- Speeding (1-15 kilometres over)

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