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Why Choose Us?

TICKETS – THE TRAFFIC TICKET PEOPLE – Alberta’s Most Successful Firm of Traffic Court Agents –
An Established Company You Can Depend On And A Reputation You Can Trust!

Our team (in-house and consultants) includes:

With this kind of experience on-hand, you can be sure we will look into every aspect of your case and help you get the justice you deserve.

Things to Consider

Some competitors cannot represent you in a trial because they lack the skill and expertise – especially when it comes to conducting a trial for the Defence.

Some current competitors are former musicians and salesmen who have little experience and are being financed by you and learning at your expense. They use advertising phrases such as “founded by former police officer”, “original ticket fighter”, “we offer a guarantee” or “20 years experience” when none of those things are actually true. There are even some companies that advertise “ex-cops” and there are actually no ex-cops working in the company.

Make sure the company you are dealing with has the skills and experience to deliver on their promises!


I want to let you know just how much I appreciate everything you did for me in handling the ticket. From the first conversations with Sandra who gave me great initial information to help me make up my mind, to the conversation I had with Robert who indeed was to the point with integrity and blunt honesty regarding the situation I was in and how TICKETS would be able to help me. You have an incredible gift for putting people at ease and you give the impression that any and all enquiries are most welcome. It was such a gigantic relief to know that I could dump everything in your laps and you would take care of it including the dreaded court appearance. I know that I expressed concern to Robert about being able to have the ticket dealt with on the 31st, so when I phoned on the preceding Monday for information as to how things might go, imagine my ecstasy when Brian informed me it was already settled that morning! And very favourably. I could hardly believe it! I was even silent for a bit! You appear to be a wonderful team! Any chance I get, I promote you. Thank you once again.
Jan W. - Edmonton

Thank you TICKETS for getting me off on this speeding ticket. I don’t know how you did it but I am very grateful. I have had the worst luck lately. I was involved in 3 accidents none of which were my fault, however my insurance broker still criticized me for not driving defensively and said that if I got a speeding ticket on my record, my insurance rates would increase dramatically and I would lose my good insurance rating.
Sandy R. – Edmonton

Thank you very much for your help. I appreciate all you did to help me. Take Care and thanks again.
Richard W. – Kenora

HIRE THE EXPERTS… Not the Amateurs!

"SHOCKED after receiving traffic ticket"

"RELIEF after hiring TICKETS"